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Susan & Tony Papandrea

How we met by Susan:
We met on December 30, 1978 at a popular disco in Brooklyn called Gazebo. I was walking to the ladies room and this welll dress man tapped my arm. I looked at him and he pointed to the dance floor. Well. I forgot about checking my makeup. I just smiled back in a daze and without a word between us he delicately took my hand and brought me to  the dance floor. The rest of the evening we just danced and laughed. We started dating right after that and our lives together began. Kismet!

Since dancing was the beginning of our lives together we pursued more of it. After our 2 kids got older we took lessons at Fred Astaire where we met Iva & Bill Loftman and Bob & Diane Addonizio. Then we took lessons at the YMCA where we met Jim & Maria Dolce. We were sponsored by Theresa & Mario Clemente and we can't thank them enough as we now have a non stop steady stream of wonderful dancers to get to know. We have been with the ballroom club 5 years. The best element of the club... are the people. "It's a gift to be a member"